20 May

According to what the bible tells us regarding prayer , we are supposed to supposed to supplicate and pray about everything. Nevertheless, this is capable of seeming so frustrating, particularly when you do not know how to pray and when you lack knowledge on how important prayer is. In the day to day life of any one prayer is so crucial. Nevertheless, it is unlucky that sometimes life can make people to be so busy to the extent that they lack the time to pray. This however is not supposed to be the case considering how important prayer is one should create some time for it. This article is going to enlighten you on how beneficial powerful prayers are.

To start with prayer assists to know Gods will. God has always has a plan for each person, A  lot of individuals do go through life void of ever giving though to it, however that does not alter the fact that God has places you on earth for a purpose. You are not earth by accident, you are here because God is the one who placed you here. And God placed you on earth for a reason, therefore you should take the initiative of knowing him on personal level and then live in a manner that he wants you to live. Prayer is important to bringing God’s will and heart into a very clear focus. Make sure to know the powerful prayers in the bible here!

Secondly, prayer helps bring people towards forgiveness. Confession good for one’s soul, however it is necessary to get forgiveness from God when you have done wrong. When you confess your sins to God the father through prayer, He forgives your sins as well as your relationship with God is restored. When you turn your heart towards God through prayer you are in a position of repenting. To add to that you will get forgiveness however you should give forgiveness to others. See the post by GOD TV here!

To finish with, prayer helps a lot to help you build your confidence to be even more. Numerous individuals have so much faith in their  own strength to the extent that they think they can go through life all alone without seeking Gods help.  Despite the fact that self confidence if of great help it normally restricts a person to their won strength. When you make prayer to be a part of your daily life, you get to have more of Gods presence and hence you become more confident to go through life. You can also watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvhtdPxl5M8 for more facts about bible.

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